An Overview Of Criminal Law

You’ve been arrested on criminal charges (or received a Target Notice alerting you that you are the target of a grand jury proceeding) and your emotions probably vary from confusion to raw, unadulterated fear. Justifiably so – the outcome of these charges may shape your future and the future of your family.

The single most important action you can take now is to carefully consider your defense options. After all, your attorney is your best hope for a successful defense. You need an experienced attorney that understands the intricacies of criminal law. You need a tough lawyer who knows the system and knows how to work it to your advantage.

When you choose Montrose Law, you are working with a firm that has over 15 years of criminal defense experience. In fact, we’ve represented well over 800 clients in various Federal and State criminal cases. These aren’t just cases we’ve worked on – there are many cases which have gone to trial. We work with clients to determine whether their criminal charge is best resolved by a negotiated plea or a trial.

We continue to successfully represent clients in all Federal and State felony and misdemeanor offenses, including:

  • Drug and Narcotic Offenses (Possession, Manufacture, Distribution)
  • Sex Offenses (Rape, Sodomy, Sexual Misconduct)
  • Theft Offenses (Stealing, Burglary, Robbery, Larceny)
  • Assault (All Degrees, Domestic Violence)
  • Homicides (Murder, Manslaughter, Vehicular Manslaughter)
  • White Collar Crimes (Fraud, Embezzlement)
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • Probation Revocation
  • Bail and Bond Proceedings
  • Appeals

If, you have been arrested, received a target notice of a pending grand jury indictment, or are being investigated for a crime, then the time to Act is Now!

The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has already started its case against you. Now is the time to quickly, and, review your options for representation. After all, this is a choice that could impact your employment, your family and your finances. That is why we encourage you to take care in the selection of your attorney, starting with either a free phone consultation or a face-to-face meeting.

Time is of the essence. As soon as you select Montrose to represent you, we will immediately put our considerable experience and resources to bear on your case. The sooner we can review all the necessary information, the sooner we can formulate a strategy to defend you and help ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Your future is at stake. Make the right call and contact us today at (575) 589-1055. There is no charge for the initial consultation – and the only obligation is the one you have to yourself to gain the best representation possible.

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