What To Do First If You Are Arrested For DWI?

It is important to understand that an arrest for DWI triggers two separate cases, the first case is with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department, and the second is your criminal case. Because of this, there are some important things that you must do to preserve your rights in both your Motor Vehicle Department case and your criminal case. Within 10 days of your arrest, you must submit a written request for an administrative hearing regarding the revocation of your driver’s license with MVD.

Your failure to do so will result in the automatic loss of your driver’s license. There are also important deadlines regarding your criminal case, such as a 10-day deadline to excuse your assigned Judge, and a 10-day deadline to request a jury trial in some cases. It is therefore of utmost importance to immediately contact legal counsel, and file a request for an administrative hearing with New Mexico’s Motor Vehicle Department.

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