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DUI Defense Lawyer Strategies – Part 1

DUI Defense Lawyer Strategies – Part 2

Susana Martinez on DWI laws in New Mexico

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez reacts to a story of a woman who lost her unborn child after a car accident involving, authorities say, a driver suspected of being drunk. The driver has had four DWI convictions but was still on the road. The woman has now started a petition to toughen New Mexico’s drunk driving laws. Interviewed by Rob Nikolewski, Capitol Report New Mexico, 8/13/12.

Dick Roth PhD – Impact DWI

Dick Roth Ph.D. discusses new bills introduced in the 2011 New Mexico Legislature. The economic impact of DWI cost the state of New Mexico about $1,400 per person, a significant drag on our state. Dr. Roth presents the results of his research and a plan to reduce the economic, family, and personal costs of driving while intoxicated.

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